Ocean Dynamics

Rainbow Thermometer. Depth Gauges. 1980’s. NOS


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– Ocean Dynamics
– Vintage Rainbow Thermometer
– Fahrenheit
– Depth Gauges
– 1980’s
– All original
– Japanese
– NOS (New Old Stock)
– Perfect for dive watches


– Ocean Dynamics
– Rainbow Depth Thermometer
– Fahrenheit
– Black rubber back
– 28mm wide
– Will fit 18 / 20mm straps perfectly
– All original
– NOS. Still in bag

Personal Opinion

A must for all dive watch collectors whether that’s vintage or new divers. Dive watch gauges have become incredibly collectible, whether that be Thermometers or compasses. 

It could be the Jacques Cousteau effect or Jacques Mayol, legendary dive figures from the past, or just that mid century Scuba gear has because so incredibly popular to collect for many Watch fans. Add in to the fact when you see some of the super cool images of these dive gauges on some of the coolest dive watches ever you can understand why.

Dive watch gauges are serious business now with some of the ultra rare versions from Scuba Pro and Aquastar fetching very high numbers in auctions and in retail.

The most popular type of dive gauge was the depth gauge, which measured the depth of your dive that was normally displayed in feet or metres.  The other popular version of dive gauge was the Thermometer, which were used to measure the temperature of the water.

For sale here we have some fantastic Thermometers from the Scuba brand Ocean Dynamics, this brand was commonly sold in US dive shops in the 80s / 90’s and are very sought after especially with the rainbow Colourway. These are all original and come in their original packaging. This is displayed in Fahrenheit with the F at the bottom of the gauge. It just slips over your strap perfectly and is very easy to fit.

These are just so cool. Stick it on your Tropic strap and you instantly become a vintage dive icon! (Not true!)

A fantastic bit of original dive kit. Don’t hold your breath………

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