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Handmade Watch rolls (5 watches) in 3 different versions.
– French Navy Canvas Twill Marine Nationale (with original silk tally)
– Vintage Washed Camo materials (in green)
– Vintage Washed Camo materials (in blue)


– Canvas Twill watch rolls
– Holds 5 watches / Straps
– 33 cm Long (Approx)
– 17 cm Wide (Approx)
– All Handmade

Personal Opinion

Having bought many different watch rolls and pouches over the years I really wanted to make my own and choose my own materials. We have made some lovely ones here and you have 3 to choose from. We have sourced some great camos and some incredible materials. Plus on the Marine Nationale version you have an original silk tally stitched inside from the French Navy Special forces as well as the watch roll. So a piece of military watch history. Like your vintage watches these will only improve with use and wear. We really hope you like these as much as we do, they have become a firm favourite. All handmade by someone very special to me. Enjoy!

These have been made in limited quantities. Please stipulate your choice of colour when purchasing or please email if you would like more information or would like to place a bulk order.




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