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Frogman Strap


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– The Frogman Strap
– RWatchCo x Douglas & Co Leather
– Early Navy Seals team kit
– Genuine Mil Spec
– 2 x colours
– Incompatible with fixed lug watches


– Black or Agency Grey
– Single Pass nylon strap
– Marine grade snaps
– Leather Cover
– 20mm
– Genuine Mil Spec
– Imcompatible with fixed lug watches

Personal Opinion

Patina Nationale are pleased to announce we are the official UK supplier of the legendary Frogman Strap made by the brilliant RWatchCo and Douglas & Co Leather.

The Frogman Strap was unique to the early Seal Teams in Vietnam, with its unmistakable marine grade snap design and leather cover. They have revived this iconic design with help from retired Navy Seals in order of create the most accurate recreation of the original strap. (You can see the original on the legend that is Moki Martin in Talking Watches on Hodinkee) The product consists of a nylon single pass strap with marine grade snaps. The leather is cut, dyed, burnished and fitted by Douglas & Co Leather.

RwatchCo themselves said “ When we re-introduced The Frogman, we never knew just how many people would use them as they were originally intended. I’m happy to say that many of the straps are currently being used by those in the SEAL Teams and other units. It’s not often that’s a piece of history can hold its own in modern times. We’re very proud to be able to provide the kit to those who appreciate it and use it. “

Patina Nationale will be donating a portion of all proceeds to the Help for Heroes Foundation for every strap sold. Learn more about them here.

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