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– Aquadive Time Depth Model 50
– 1970s Legend
– Iconic Dive Watch
– Depth Gauge
– All original
– Very Rare


– Stainless Steel case
– 47mm
– 20mm thick
– Plexiglass
– Depth Gauge
– Oil Filled
– Dynatron Electric Movement
– 1970s Legend
– Blue / Colourway
– Destro Crown
– Tropic 24mm OG Strap
– All original

Personal Opinion

The Monster Returns…..!

There are plenty of vintage iconic divers out there and this one sits with the best of them.

Aquadive launched in the 1960’s when scuba diving was incredibly popular. They sold their watches in dive shops next to wetsuits, fins and other equipment. They sold different types of dive watches from shallow dive skin divers to the Aquadive 1000, one of the first 1000m rated dive watches. They are a legendary brand and were at the time even endorsed by no other than the great Scott Carpenter, astronaut and US  Navy SEALAB aquanaut. In 1970 Aquadive introduced what would become its most famous watch…..The Time Depth “ Model 50 “.

It’s not for the feint hearted at 47mm and 20mm thick. The main reason being the watch incorporated an oil filled depth gauge, with a futuristic (at that time) Dynatron electric movement. In an era where divers had to wear a watch and a depth gauge separately this was groundbreaking and became a firm favourite with divers and collectors alike.

This version is in incredible condition considering it’s over 50 years old. It’s has just had a full overhaul and service and is running perfectly.

There are not many better examples on the market today.

This one’s a beauty. A true dive watch legend.

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