Deepstar II 2022


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– Aquastar Deepstar II

– 2022 Full Set

– Never worn. NOS

– Iconic Diver

– Automatic


– Aquastar Deepstar II

– Vintage Steel Grey Dial

– Stainless Steel

– 37mm

– 13mm thick

– Superluminova applied markers

– 200m water resistant

– 120 click bi directional bezel

– Automatic SW – 290

– 38hrs Power Reserve

Personal Opinion

Aquastar Action!

There are iconic dive watches and then there are very very special iconic dive watches. The Aquastar Deepstar falls into the latter category.

A quick rifle through the back catalog of Aquastar Watches and other iconic names get thrown up….Benthos 500, Aquastar 63, Regate, Seatime and Airtime.

Add in the iconic divers and free divers that wore them, the navy divers and explorers. The fact that Aquastar provided watches and depth gauges for Jacques Cousteau and his team. Then you get an idea of the respect Aquastar receives in the dive watch category. My personal favourite is the legendary free diver Jacques Mayol who used the Chronograph version which he would use to time his incredible free dives to even more incredible depths on just one breath.

It’s a special brand.

Unlike the Deepstar the Deepstar II is not a re – edition. This is a time only watch housed in a beautiful 37mm case. Recreating the vintage feel of the iconic earlier versions but slightly different. The big eye sub dial is now at 9 ‘ o clock rather than 3. With an automatic movement and at a size that I think is just perfect, this is like a vintage dive watch but just the newer version. Right on the sweet spot.

This is a truly gorgeous dive watch and offered in the vintage steel grey dial. Whoever gets this will not be disappointed….

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