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– Camif Vintage Diver

– MRP SA Monnin Case

– 1980’s

– Vintage French Diver

– Tropicalised dial

– Very Rare


– Camif Vintage Diver

– Stainless Steel case

– MRP SA Monnin case

– Automatic 2873 movement.

– 42mm

– Acrylic bezel

– 300m water resistant

– 1980’s

– Ref 503.305

– Tropicalised gloss dial

Personal Opinion

French Diver perfection!

Time for an admission, apart from my military watch addiction I have a huge soft spot for some of the vintage French divers from the 70s and 80s. They are without doubt some of my favourite watches ever. The fact not many know about them make them even cooler and rarer to find.

This Camif (Dodane) diver is a true vintage French Beauty. It ticked all the boxes before the dial went tropicalised but now I think it looks even better.

Camif in the 80’s was a sport and diving instructors company and one of the largest in France. Along with some of the other iconic French Dive watch brands like Airain, Airin, HGP, Auricoste and Spirotechnique these are becoming very hard to find.

Not sure the pictures do this dial justice, this is a rare beauty. Fantastic logo too!

A French Beauty! Good luck finding another…..

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