Vintage G10 Medium Fatboy 1983


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– CWC Vintage G10 Medium Fatboy

– Issued to the British Army

– 1983

– Quartz

– Amazing condition

– Perfect Patina


– CWC G10

– Black dial

– Stainless Steel

– Quartz

– 38mm inc crown

– Plexiglass

– T Dial (Tritium)

– Issued

– 1983

Personal Opinion

Another CWC Military watch icon!

The Quartz G10 was the first Quartz Watch supplied to the British Military, with the name coming from the G1098 store that originally issued them. Over 165,000 watches were supplied to the MoD between 1980 and 2006. With all branches of the British Military represented, The Royal Navy, The Royal Air Force and the British Army.

This 1983 version is special in a few different ways, firstly it’s absolutely immaculate and easily one of the best condition G10’s we have ever had, secondly it’s named the “ medium Fatboy “ due to its slightly larger case that now houses a Quartz movement. The full “ Fatboy “ is even thicker and we have had and sold various versions of them. And finally 1983 was the only year G10’s were issued to the 3 branches of the British Military so it’s a very cool year to have.

These watches are a must for a any military watch collector and no collection should be without at least one, beware though, as soon as you buy one you will want another of that I am sure!

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