British Military Issued WW2 - Dirty Dozen


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– Cyma British Army Watch
– One of the original iconic Dirty Dozen
– Issued for the British Army in early 1945
– Fantastic example of British Military History
– Currently keeping good time


– Original Dirty Dozen W.W.W watch
– W.W.W (Wrist, Watch, Waterproof)
– Cyma 243 Calibre Hacking Movement
– 37mm
– Military Issued
– Stainless Steel
– Original dial and hands
– Broad Arrow Dial
– Period correct nato strap

Personal Opinion

The Real Deal. The OG.
Very proud to be offering this iconic piece of British Military watch history. This Cyma is one of the iconic 12 Swiss manufacturers of W.W.W watches that supplied the British Army in 1945. The W.W.W abbreviation denoted it was a piece of military equipment. The broad arrow or Pheon on the dial also denoted it was property of the British Crown. They are referred to by collectors as “ The Dirty Dozen “ and are therefore incredibly sought after and collectible. The quest to get all twelve is something many Watch collectors embark on but very few ever achieve. Approximately 20,000 Cyma W.W.W watches were made and issued to the British Army in WW2. So finding one in such great condition like this one is rare.
Make no mistake this is the real deal, if only watches could talk as this will have seen a lot. Whoever buys this will not be disappointed.

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