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– Breitling New Pluton 3100

– Vintage 1990’s

– Ani – Digi

– Fantastic condition

– Rare dial colour (Navy)


– Breitling New Pluton 3100

– Approx 1990’s

– Quartz Chronograph

– Date

– Alarm

– Ani – Digi

– Navy Dial

– 42mm

– Stainless Steel

– Monnin Case

Personal Opinion

A personal favourite!

No surprise if you follow us on Instagram that we at Patina Nationale love a Ani – Digi plus they don’t tend to stick around long either!

This 1990’s version is a beauty and might be the best version we have had so far. The Navy dial is a little bit rarer and just works perfectly. The Pluton was first introduced by Breitling in 1980 and was one of the first Quartz Chronographs the brand ever made.

It was made to target the world of military and civilian pilots, combining both analog and digital formats. With the digital format at 6’ o clock. You can set a different time zone on either the analog or the digital options.

It also has a Chronograph at 1/100th of a second, date and alarm. It also has a beautiful stainless steel 42mm Monnin Case.

In amazing used condition and with the navy dial being perfect, plus great Patina on the indices, a couple of very minor scratches on the glass (easily removable) stops this being a perfect 10. However they really don’t get much better than this at 30 years old. Offered on a vintage blue Phoenix nato this would also look great on a lovely vintage leather strap.

These watches continue to sell very quickly and there is a reason why, they are a very cool vintage watch made by an iconic brand. Whoever buys this will not be disappointed.

An absolute beauty.

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